Frequently Asked Questions

We serve every event in our 1979 horse trailer, with a choice of shaved ice snowballs or hot beverages.  When it comes to serving alcohol, we are considered a "dry hire" since you provide the booze and WE provide the bartending service.


What can you serve?

That depends on what you want!  Our deluxe snowballs are served with finely shaved ice and quality syrups.  We have every topping that makes it more than a’s an experience!  

We know that summer may feel like it lasts forever in the south but hot coffee, hot chocolate and apple cider can be the perfect warming during fall and winter events.  


We've even added a fresh cotton candy service to our menu!

But let’s not forget the pour service!  We can present your favorite wine, beer and even signature cocktails to keep everyone’s spirits up! 

Other self serve non-alcoholic beverages can be added to any package at your event, too!


Do your packages include alcohol?

Short answer, no.  We fine tune your experience down to the alcohol shopping list and provide you with a list of stores that offer bulk discounts and return policies. BUT...we never transport, sell or buy the alcohol.  However, we can cool it, store it onsite and serve it safely!  Our TABC bartenders will keep you and your guests served safely.


How do you setup?

Very carefully!  Our trailer and vehicle need to be able to move in and out of your desired space at the venue to set up and tear down.  This space needs to have level ground and easy access to the venue.  We would love to be within 100 feet of an electrical outlet but if that doesn’t work then a gas generator can be provided at an additional cost.


How do I book?

  1. Connect with us to let us know you are interested

  2. Fill out Event Consultation form

  3. Get your first invoice proposal

  4. Approve final invoice

  5. Pay $250 nonrefundable deposit to secure date

  6. Pay remaining half of invoice at mid way point (timeline provided)

  7. Complete Alcohol Customization form (if applicable)

    1. Receive your alcohol shopping list

  8. Work out any last minute logistics

  9. Pay your remainder by timeline  due date

  10. We show up, show out and your guests get a great experience!


Can I get a discount?

I'm all about helping keep to a budget!  So I totally get it.  That's why I've add so many extras into the packages.  So technically, yes!  You are getting a discount but if you are looking for the most bang to your buck then book the "Bells & Whistles" package. Its jam packed of extras (hence the name).  Plus, once you become a customer you automatically earn a 10% discount on your next booking!


Unlimited Toppings?

Every event, I go out and find the most delicious toppings for our snowballs and hot beverages.  You'd be surprised with how much you'll have to choose from.  But I can also make you a signature snowball or hot beverage, complete with matching cups and drink decorations.  Its all in the details.