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4 Wedding Trends from 2023

As a wedding vendor, I see all types of weddings and events. This year, I started to notice some trends that I really like. Let's start!


Black is an excellent neutral but dramatic color that has been working its way to the front of the aisle at weddings. This year we've seen black dresses, black flowers, black greenery and even black candles.


While we are TABC licensed bartenders, we are only hired to serve alcohol about 50% of the time. More and more weddings are looking to keep their budgets low and their wedding guests safe. And trust me when I say that mocktails (non-alcoholic beverages) MUST be tastier than their alcoholic counterparts, cocktails. There's nothing to inhibit their tastebuds the more they drink.


Have you every walked into a really fancy store and they offer you a glass of champagne? How special did it make you feel? More and more weddings are trying to focus more on the guest experience from start to finish. Welcome drinks offer a touch of class and immediately show your guests that they are so very welcome to join to the celebrations. The most common welcome drink is champagne. Add a touch of juice and fresh fruit or a handful of cotton candy to make it a mimosa easily.


Our base service is shaved ice snowballs with loaded toppings. I can't count how many times I have spoken to brides and they immediately tell me of their favorite snowball they would get when they were a teenager. Even the moms, get excited! Now, add the smell of cotton candy to the mix and you are back to your hometown county fair. People want to be surrounded by the best times in their lives on their happiest days. It is a layering effect. Plus now this wedding is adding to those memories with its own smell.

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