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How to cut the line in half

As so many of us want our event to stand out with fun food, drinks and activities; sometimes it’s the little things that can ruin it. One being the Texas heat! Okay, so technically that’s a big thing but very much out of our control! We can’t always avoid it but can we try to make our guests more comfortable.

Here are 3 ways to cut the wait time for cooking off your guests at your events watering hole…AKA “the bar”.

  1. Separate beer & wine from the cocktail bar. Beer and wine service is quick and simple. They just need to be poured into cups. There’s no ice or mixing so speed is a huge plus here. Doing this takes nearly a quarter of the guests out of the line and sends them straight to the express lane.

  2. Drink tower or wall. By adding a place where drinks are pre-made and ready to consume, you dramatically cut down the decision process. The best times to do this is as a welcome drink or cocktail hour service. I recommend a shorter time for this service because ice will melt, the drink will warm and the setup can get messy very quickly.

  3. Multiple bar stations. Have your bar service 2 stations at different corners of the space. People will either choose which one is closest or has the shortest line.

We know it’s hot! They know it’s hot! No one blames the host because of the unbearable southern heat! But we can work together to help others stay hydrated and libated to celebrate your event!

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