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Unveiling 5 Unexpected Wedding Costs

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

You've got a wedding budget. You have a list. This is how much it will cost. You say "I will stick to this budget." Then the fees hit you and you don't even know where it all went until you no longer have a budget to pay for everything. Where did it all go? Here are some fine print wedding costs for a 2022 bride and how to communicate with your vendors for the best deals.

  1. Delivery/travel charges: It could be anything from your cake, caterer, flowers, mileage for the band/dj or even the bar. Yes, even Sugar & Ice has a limit. We have a complimentary 60 mile radius that is free but outside that is $2/mile. SOLUTION: Look for a vendor within your area that has a built-in mileage service

  2. Guest count: According to the Brides American Wedding Study, most wedding have less than 200 guests, with the average being 167. Because of this, most vendors have built entire package for the average bride. Sugar & Ice just recently increased our Bells & Whistles package from 100 to 200 guests served. So if you have more, you should expect an additional upcharge. No vendor wants to disappoint a guest and run out of time, supplies or edibles. Trust us, they won't just be upset at us…you'll hear it, too! SOLUTION: Ask if you can adjust your guest count with them after the RSVPs come in.

  3. Postage: This one threw me but I totally remember it! If you are using a stationer for Save the Dates/invitations/RSVPs, they add the postage at the end. So you don't know until it's pretty much too late. SOLUTION: Avoid irregular shapes and sizes or heavy material.

  4. Wedding Dress Care: Say "YES" to the dress but then you'll have to say "yes" to alterations, fittings, steaming, cleaning, and storage. SOLUTION: Ask the dress shop if they have bundled service or package that includes a discount or free service.

  5. Clean up and tear down: Sometimes this is included in the venue package but not always. Especially if you are using a nontraditional venue. They expect you to clean everything up, fold up the chairs, take out the trash, etc. No bride wants to think about the garbage on her special night. SOLUTION: Ask your wedding party to help take care of this so that you don’t have to spend more by getting fined by the venue. Your friends and family want to make your night as special as possible and will typically bend over backwards if you just ask.

So that wraps up some sneaky fees and hidden costs that can totally spoil your budget or force you to skimp on something extra. I hope your biggest takeaway in this is to ALWAYS ASK! Just ask what is available, ask if there are additional costs, ask if there is wiggle room. The worst they can say is "no". Let others help bring your special day and night to life! I love working with brides and I want to help keep their excitement up. You will never offend me if you need help. I've set out food for the reception dinner, helped the bride with makeup and even worked with the other vendors to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. There are others just like me that want you to shine the whole day and we will do as much as possible to accomplish it. If you need anything, remember… just ask.

2021 East Texas Bride - Breanna Robison (Madison Pyle Photography)

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